stabilization and protection

Shoreline erosion is one of the greatest issues facing the Chesapeake Bay region today. For years, residents have tried to protect their property and protect the environment by stabilizing their shoreline and preventing erosion. Over time, traditional methods have improved and new methods have been discovered. Bailey Marine Construction, Inc. has been there all along. With over 100 years of experience, we are a trusted resource, no matter how much of a challenge a property presents.

We specialize in a variety of methods of protecting and stabilizing shorelines including stone revetment, bulkheads, living shorelines and breakwaters.

Stone Revetment (Rip Rap)

When using the right size stones and properly placing them, stone revetment can be an effective way to absorb wave energy and protect your shoreline.


Bulkheads are retaining walls that keep soil intact along a shoreline.

Living Shorelines

Living shorelines are an environmentally-friendly approach to protecting your shoreline. These projects use native plants and materials to stop erosion and absorb wave action. They also create habitat for the critters that call the Bay their home.

In 2008, the Maryland General Assembly passed legislation that creates a preference for living shorelines except in certain areas mapped by the Maryland Department of the Environment. For a copy of the living shorelines law, click here (.PDF version).


Breakwaters help reduce shoreline erosion and protect coastlines by reducing the intensity and force of waves.

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For the Maryland Department of the Environment's guidance document on Shoreline Erosion for Homeowners, click here (.PDF version).